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Reviews: Performing

“Guitar wizard Mac Walter takes you on a wonderful tour of his folk, jazz, blues, classical, and boogie woogie magic. His original repertoire is a study in contrast, not only for its variety of musical styles but also for the depth and range of emotion he conveys through his playing.

Sue Trainor
Award-Winning Musician and Member of National Act 'Hot Soup'
Columbia, Maryland

“Barbara Martin and Mac Walter perform with a professionalism and energy that is sorely missing in many blues artists today. Their sets always take the audience by surprise and keep them captivated from beginning to end. Virtuoso guitar playing and stellar vocals are only the beginning of the prize with this duo.”

Steve McWilliams
Columbia Pike Blues Festival
Arlington, Virginia

“Mac Walter and Barbara Martin are a magnificent folk/blues pair. Their 'Tis the Season' which was recorded at Walter's studio is one of the finest albums I have reviewed this season. The musicianship is outstanding and the production values are all top notch.”

Carol Swanson
Music critic and Reviewer

“Mac Walter is a guitar virtuoso. His command of the acoustic guitar is breathtaking. He makes the guitar come to life with rare passion and beauty.”

Carol Swanson
Music Critic and Reviewer

“Mac Walter is a master of the acoustic guitar, a role model to would-be players in his virtuosity on the instrument. Citing influences ranging from Wes Montgomery to Django Reinhardt to Frank Zappa, he is one of those rare musicians who can do it all while still retaining his own distinctive voice. Walter reminds me of Bluegrass acoustic great Tony Rice in the fluidity and imagination of his playing and his solo run on the song 'There Will Never Be Another You' would put a smile on Charlie Byrd's face.”

Jim Newsom
Portfolio Weekly
Newport News, Virginia

“Mac Walter was always a favorite at the Folkal Point Coffee House. His melodic and technical guitar prowess and his ability to arrange an original composition or a cover and make it truly his own brings his ever-growing list of fans back time after time. Top it off with the fact that you can't ask for a nicer guy. How can you go wrong?”

Rod Smith
Folkal Point President and Booking Agent
Baltimore, Maryland

“What can I say about Mac's guitar playing? I've never known anyone so dedicated to his guitar than Mac. I've worked with many world famous guitarists over the years and believe me Mac is up there right along side of them. He has a wonderful way of getting into a song as I found out when I did a gig with him and his cousin John Cronin a couple years back. I felt so completely confident with Mac just being there ready to play one great solo after another. It was an honour to work with him and do you know what? I love his voice too!”

Billy Kinsley
Liverpool, England
Liverpool Express
Founding Member of The Merseybeats

“In an era when the dedication and skills needed to learn and master a musical instrument are fast disappearing, it is always a joy to listen to people like Mac who have gone several stages past mastering the playing of his guitar. Whether on CD or playing live, Mac's unique skills bear witness to hard work and many hours of extensive practicing which he continues to do to this day. Years of experience have now taken Mac to a level few musicians ever achieve with beautiful melodic solos and understated accompaniment, an art hard to find but which comes with maturity. Add to this he has undertaken mastering the piano as his objective for 2007 and you can see why Mac continues to be a musician in great demand. So if you can get a chance to hear Mac play live, don't miss the opportunity. Sit back and bear witness to something really special.”

Roger Scott Craig, composer and keyboardist
Liverpool Express | Harlan Cage | 101 South | Fortune
Composer of music used in movies such as Wyatt Earp, The Pelican Brief, and Richie Rich

“There are fewer than a handful of folk guitar wizards in our area whom I will call 'virtuoso.' Mac Walter truly qualifies for that category. He is a pleasing combination of humility, hard work, and genuine originality. He explores the territories and spaces of rock and classical music and especially jazz and emerges with a sound that is more authentic and substantial than most 'New Age' music. The closer you listen to Mac's playing, the better it gets. His guitar playing is always entertaining because it is honest. He is very demanding on himself. It is wonderful to see a smile finally appear on his serious face when, after an hour or two, he finally finds a sound that he is satisfied with.”

Max Ochs
Host of 333 Coffee House, Annapolis, Maryland

“Mac Walter, like all the best acoustic accompanists, can create a rich intricate framework within which the vocalist can perform her stylings.”

Richard Banks
Music Reviewer

“I've known Mac for more than 40 years, almost from when I began to perform professionally. We had a common passion—guitar playing—and I firmly believe Mac has done so much more with it than I ever could. I've been off the road for many years now and I don't miss touring. I lost touch with Mac until a few years ago when his wife contacted me and arranged a reunion while I was on the East Coast. I was really pleased to find out that Mac and I still derive a similar satisfaction and comfort from guitar playing, each in his own way, and that it remains an important part of our lives and a bond for friendship.”

Raun MacKinnon Burnham
Mac's guitar mentor and legendary recording artist/performer

Testimonials: Studio & Engineering

“You did a remarkable job with the engineering on The Big 3 Trio CD project. The CD is outstanding and I can assure you the reaction in the record industry has been very positive. Way to go!”

David A. Seyboldt
Beezwax Records

“The most frequent comment I get about my recordings is 'Oh my God...that guitar!'”

Linda Rosch
Washington DC

“I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed listening to the 'Cousins' CD. I was very impressed with the quality of the playing and the recorded sound of the two guitars. I'd love to be able to get that kind of sound on my recordings!”

Steve Gillette, Musican
Bennington, Vermont

“I thoroughly enjoyed working in the studio with Mac. In addition to having great ears, I found that his expertise as a guitarist and seasoned musician also came into play in a most helpful and favorable way.”

Tom Principato
National Recording Artist and award-winning guitarist

“Mac's studio is one of my favorite studios in the Baltimore-Washington area. Mac is easy to work with and always produces a great product.”

Big Joe Maher
The Big Three Trio
Musican and WAMMIE Winner

“I used to dread recording but since I started recording with Mac, I actually look forward to it. Max is flexible, patient, and most importantly, absolutely committed to getting the best recording sound possible. Because of his eclectic playing style, he is comfortable recording so many types of genres. I highly recommend him as a recording engineer and producer.”

Barbara Martin
Award Winning Singer/Songwriter
and National Touring Musician
Staunton, Virginia

“Mac has been my musical mentor for the last 20 years. His musicianship, taste, and flair makes hm a one of a kind inspiration to many. Mac produced, engineered and performed on my CD project 'Back in Time.' He exhibits professionalism, musical prowess and a musical ear that was truly instrumental to the success of my project and all of his musical endeavors. Mac is one of those rare and special persons who is a pleasure to work with and I'm delighted to call him a friend.”

Marc Levant

“Mac is a rare and wonderful combination of musical talent and recording excellence.”

Frank Schwartz

“Working with Mac was a joy. His first priority was putting me at ease in the studio and he then took all the disparate sounds that were rattling around in my head and transformed them with state-of-the-art professional finesse.”

Marty Baumann
Blues Musician

“It's hard to say what's the nicest part about working with Mac. Would it be his musical sensibility and technical skill, his easygoing yet to the point style, his intuitiveness and enthusiasm? It's all of those things plus the one thing you can't really explain. The closest word would be 'magic.' Time will fly by because he's such a pleasure to work with and you'll come away with a finished product that shines.”

Grace Griffith
Blix Street Label National Recording Artist
WAMMIE Artist of the Year

“Mac, he'll always be 'The Professor' to me, is a truly musical, generous and inspiring musician. I am fortunate for all he gave to me and the band's sound over the years we played together. And he's a pretty mean game player too...dammit!!”

Deanna Bogart
12-time WAMMIE Award winner
National Recording Artist and Boogie Woogie/Jazz/Blues Legend

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