Mac in StudioMac attended Berklee School of Music and is an accomplished producer, arranger, and studio engineer with a professional-quality ProTools HD TDM Studio. He's also available to play on your CD projects.

Recording Magazine/Spotlight:

“Ready For Love” / Barbara Martin

“Music: 'Ready for Love' is a female vocal jazz song. Barbara wrote the tune, sang the lead vocal and co-produced the track... Mac Walter was the engineer and also co-produced.

“...Mac Walter has fashioned a mix that is both present and spacious... The track has a wonderful sense of realism, as if the listener were right there in the room as Barbara and her band laid it down. The piano has just enough 'room' to keep it from dominating, while the rich tone of the bass and sax provide an intimate vibe. The lead vocal is crystalline, but never harsh or sibilant, and the close miking on the snare drum does a fine job of capturing Joe's subtle brush work.

“Of course none of this would matter if the instruments were not as well balanced as they are here, but Mac really nailed it. Finally, in an era where unlimited track counts are equal parts blessing and curse, it's mighty refreshing to hear a mix that 'breathes....' Well done.”

CD Projects:

Portable on-site recording is available upon request.

Contact Mac here or call (410) 719-0607 to discuss studio and portable on-site recording rates.

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